Case Study 3.28.2017

Building the Case for a €200M Infrastructure Project

Trexin helped a global financial services firm develop the business case and 4-year roadmap for a €200M infrastructure consolidation project.

Business Driver

Our Client, a leading property and casualty insurance provider, wanted to consolidate disparate global infrastructure systems to stay relevant and competitive in the market.  Initial estimates indicated that the consolidation would take 4 years to complete and cost upwards of €90M (in external spend alone), so the Executive Board gave the team 9 months to provide more extensive details regarding project viability and benefit.  As part of that effort, Trexin was asked to design, help gather information, and ultimately create several of the large deliverables required for presentation to the Executive Board.


Trexin immediately began to organize the chaos that surrounds project of this scale.  The proposed 4-year program would be a global effort requiring buy-in and alignment across a variety of teams, verticals, and executive leadership.  Trexin defined an appropriate organizational chart and workstream structure and led several initiatives with prioritized tasks and responsibilities to accomplish the deliverables required of each.

To facilitate this effort, a new program support office was created to work alongside the enterprise project management office (PMO) to provide new accountability and maintain communication across all workstreams.  Trexin was able to quickly understand the critical insights, pain points, and dependencies of each workstream to provide a comprehensive view of the entire program.

Each deliverable played a valuable role in enhancing the official program roadmap, going through multiple iterations driven by alignment and cost conversations.  Complementing the roadmap, Trexin led the development of a detailed cost-benefit analysis, forecasting the project benefits and providing the necessary financials for the Board-level approval.


Trexin’s deliverables were completed within the prescribed analysis period and helped the program receive formal approval from the IT subcommittee of the Board of Directors to proceed.  As identified within the cost-benefit analysis (CBA), when the program is completed the company will achieve significant business and operational benefits.  The CBA also itemized the investment costs for the entire program and demonstrated strong alignment from numerous stakeholders.

Trexin also delivered a comprehensive roadmap of the planned implementation, embodying a phased, release-based approach spanning 4 years and a variety of products.  This roadmap also included a methodology to establish a PMO structure that could be implemented across multiple workstreams and interacting components, and the roadmap provided critical insight to external dependencies with knowledge & audit trail standards.

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