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Insight Paper 6.22.2017

App Migration Dispositioning in an XaaS World

Technology today allows for many different paths to cloud-based infrastructure and IT. Regardless of whether your CIO has decided to focus on applications and data, implying a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution, or perhaps keeping the middleware layer too, and transitioning only servers and virtualization to a third-party vendor, meaning Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS),<span. . .
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Case Study 4.18.2017

Managing A Large-Scale Data Center Migration

Driven by parent company objectives for cost containment, global asset management, and enterprise security as part of a global infrastructure shared services initiative, our Client, a large property and casualty insurer, wanted to consolidate their nine data centers into two to reduce the overall data center footprint, retire toxic legacy<span. . .
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Case Study 5.24.2016

Estimating Flood Risk Using Predictive Analytics

Our Client, the founder and CEO of an innovative startup that developed an analytics model to accurately predict flood risk for a given parcel of land over a period of time, wanted to commercialize the technology to help consumers, businesses, and governments around the world better prepare and adapt to<span. . .
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Insight Paper 12.17.2014

Consolidated Cloud Collaboration

This is a composite of several experiences from Trexin client interactions we have encountered where companies have engaged in application consolidation into a Cloud/Hybrid model. Typically we encounter a global company with disparate systems and multiple versions distributed in various geographic locations with different teams and governance models. This should<span. . .
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Insight Paper 8.1.2013

Cloud: A Business Perspective

Cloud is at the top of the hype curve and every CIO is in some way talking about cloud technology. However, our experience is that most technology executives are looking at cloud through a lens that is focused on technology, rapid deployment and cost reduction. In addition to these aspects<span. . .
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