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The goal of embracing a Lean/Agile delivery framework should be to enable the product and delivery teams to bring to market new and differentiating features to the production environment quickly and with high quality. Reacting to market conditions quickly requires a new way of thinking, and Trexin’s Agile Delivery Practice is here to help.

Help section

Help me manage quickly changing business and technical requirements

Increase your visibility by implementing a structured method to prioritize your backlog based on business value changes in requirements.

Strive to produce working and tested Software every 10 days. Changes to requirements can be accommodated every 10 days.

Changes are less expensive since layers of upfront documentation have not accumulated and do not need to be continuously updated.

Changes are made on a shorter, near-term design ‘runway’. The shorter architectural and technical runway allows for emergent changes – as teams (product and technology) learn more from actual working software, they can  pivot to leverage better, cheaper, faster alternatives without taking an expensive hit to timelines and budgets.

Help me minimize risk with Agile delivery

With working, tested software being delivered and demonstrated every 10 days, the maximum risk build up is significantly shorter. Risks are driven out early and often.

Agile Product Development reduces risk by ensuring that feedback is provided to development teams at the end of each sprint. Additional Lean approaches can be leveraged to solicit feedback before any code has been written.

Feedback from end users is used to validate value to end users. Based on feedback, features are removed or iterated upon to ensure return on investment is highly predictable.

Forecasted ROI is more accurate as value has been continuously verified and validated by end users.

Help me reduce waste with Agile delivery

Feedback is solicited continuously every 10 days via short iterative feedback loops to ensure that waste is not accumulated. Accumulation of waste is eliminated by avoiding building additional functionality upon features that yield low utility to end users.

Eliminating waste becomes a core part of continuous improvement with Agile. At the end of each release cycle the teams conduct Inspect and Adapt Workshops to identify bottlenecks, identify root causes, and assign owners of tasks to remedy the bottlenecks or waste.

Help me take Agile to the next level

Taking Agile to the next level means realizing its efficiencies on large-scale efforts that require many Agile teams, programs of teams, or even entire value streams, while keeping everyone focused and aligned on a strategy. The most widely-adopted framework for taking Agile to the next level is the Scaled Agile Framework® (or SAFe). SAFe provides proven, tested and continuously updated metrics, structure and governance to ensure unified large scale, complex application development. Trexin’s Lean Agile  consultants are certified SAFe Program Consultants who are qualified to train, plan, and launch SAFe 4.0 in your product and delivery organizations.

Benefits of the approach in business terms:

Organizations that refine their agility in SAFe are better able to manage dependencies.  Dependencies are what break agility and constrain delivery speed, adaptability, and flexibility potential of large scale programs & portfolios.

With this offering you can take your organization to the next level by applying the latest practices from SAFe 4.0® which includes new approaches to coordinating and aligning multiple value streams across any size organization.

Start now and continue assessing your organization on a quarterly basis utilizing SAFe where we will Increase agility, program level adaptability, and decrease time to market. We assess the three levels of the organization: the team, program and portfolio levels. The assessment will be a launching point to refine areas of opportunity via workshops, training sessions, one-on-one coaching, hands-on/in-team coaching and in-program guidance (also known as ‘player-coach’).

We will strive to uncover issues to improve portfolio and program level synchronization and alignment to ensure the highest ranked deliverables are continuously reprioritized to keep on pace with rapidly changing enterprise level priorities.

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