Trexin’s Healthcare Practice provides Payers, Providers, Healthcare Systems, PBMs, MedTech, and Life Science companies the multidisciplinary approach needed to deliver value in an era of massively disruptive change. We specialize in Advanced Analytics and Applied Health Economics, striving to leverage technology, data, and analytic insight to drive improvements in healthcare delivery, outcomes, and cost. Our services include business, analytics, and IT strategies; business and technology architecture; enterprise information management; data science and analytics; organizational change management; clinical change initiatives; delivery leadership; and implementation services.

Threats and Opportunities

The domestic Healthcare industry will continue to face challenges for a prolonged period, driven by four dominant factors: 1) ongoing regulatory change & structural shifts, 2) accelerating technological innovation, 3) new reimbursement models, and 4) emerging “consumerism”. These disruptions are prompting a complete reexamination and redefinition of what “healthcare value” really means.

Healthcare Value

Trexin takes a holistic approach to understanding healthcare value, one that spans the entire patient-provider-payer continuum, with Healthcare value lying at the intersection of traditional Payer and Provider focus areas as shown below:

The expansion of Provider attention towards Maximizing Effective Utilization combined with the expansion of Payer attention towards Quality/Outcomes & Patient Safety is essentially a transition from post-incident “disease care” to proactive “health care” (and volume to value).

Health Economics – The Foundation for Increasing Healthcare Value

Health Economics is concerned with issues related to the efficiency, effectiveness, value, and behavior in the consumption of healthcare resources and the promotion of health. Simply stated, Health Economics is the analysis of healthcare spend and benefit that forces a combined view of efficiency and effectiveness.

Trexin provides client solutions in four segments of applied Health Economics:

1. Consumer Experience & Engagement
2.  Improving Health Outcomes & Cost
3.  Emerging Business Models
4.  Healthcare Policy & Compliance

How We Can Help

In addition to custom services, Trexin offers the following solutions within each of our four segments:

Example: Improving Health Outcomes & Cost – Clinical Change Analysis & Business Case Development

Improved health outcomes are most readily achieved through a rapid discovery and exploration process grounded in data science that drives clinical change initiatives. In this context, applied Health Economics is the bridge linking Clinical & Financial Information Management with Clinical Operations & Cost through a multidisciplinary application of data science, analytics, organizational change management, and financial business case development.

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