Case Study 3.14.2017

Implementing an IT Delivery Office for a Restructuring Insurance Company

Trexin helped a large property and casualty insurer to govern and execute a large change program and steer the organization through a significant restructuring of other lines of business.

Business Driver

Our Client, a large property and casualty insurer within a larger international conglomerate, experienced financial challenges that necessitated the sale of a number of business lines and a significant restructuring of others.  The restructuring needed to be completed by the end of the year to meet their financial goals, and they had little room for delays or failures in the IT project portfolio.  With this urgency in mind, the CIO asked Trexin to do the following:

  • Provide additional project governance
  • Collaborate closely with the existing project management office (PMO)
  • Create a unified project reporting approach


To fulfill the CIO’s request, Trexin developed an IT Delivery Office (ITDO) to clarify cross-functional responsibilities and define more meaningful project measurement criteria for leadership.  The ITDO then established best practice project management standards to drive efficiency and consistency among projects.

Once established, the ITDO instituted processes to continually re-analyze stakeholder / sponsor expectations to accurately control and report on critical project performance issues.  The ITDO also constructed accountability matrices to identify and assign project roles and responsibilities to differentiate between a core team and resources.  Furthermore, the ITDO implemented consistent reporting structures, meeting minutes, and action-item followup standards that were adopted by projects across the organization.


Trexin was able to meet all of our Client’s milestones, help make forecasted plans a reality, and significantly contribute to the successful restructuring of the organization. By helping to create and successfully integrate the new ITDO into their organization, Trexin equipped it to deliver on numerous high-value initiatives that constituted the restructuring, including:

  • Creation of the operating model for a new IT organization and change program
  • Execution of a 500-person campus move
  • Implementation of a global enhancement process
  • Establishment of a template for managing processes and collaboration with third-party vendors
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