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Life Sciences companies are at the cross roads of new trends in R&D such as shrinking R&D pipelines, rising R&D costs, the potential of precision medicine, value and outcomes demands, opportunities with Real World Evidence (RWE), changing patient safety regulations, and the onset of risk based monitoring models and adaptive trials as well as wearable technologies aiding data collection. These trends affect how R&D is conducted in the future and developing appropriate strategies to address these trends becomes a key imperative for Life Sciences companies looking to increase R&D efficiency and productivity.

Through the leverage of data and advanced analytics, Trexin can help identify opportunities to optimize the R&D processes, for example:

  • Increasing efficiency of patient enrollment and site initiation by identifying key drivers
  • Leveraging real world evidence data to optimize enrollment and trial design
  • Developing models to assess clinical trial sites and analyze site feasibility
  • Reducing site monitoring cost through risk based monitoring models
  • Measuring and optimizing collaboration between stakeholders (e.g., CROs)
  • Analyzing subject dropout and retention drivers to improve enrollment
  • Implementing collaboration platforms and systems to improve R&D efficiency
  • Developing clinical data standardization and transformation to standards such as CDISC
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