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Sales and Marketing challenges continue to mount for Life Sciences companies.  Strategies that worked well in the past, including the use of large sales forces to unilaterally “push” messages to Health Care Providers (HCPs) are being challenged by newer commercial models and digital channels. In addition, the influence of Payers, Patients, IDNs and ACOs continue to increase and have an impact to the way Life Sciences companies market and sell. Life Science clients are looking for ways to conduct Commercial Operations in more effective and efficient ways within this changing landscape.

In addition, regulatory agencies are establishing additional guidelines for Sales and Marketing activities. prominent among these are medical, regulatory and legal regulations on promotional material and product labeling; the Affordable Care Act, which continues be in flux; and social media engagement patient guidelines among others.

Trexin can help Life Sciences companies continue to explore new ways to increase the value gained from customer and stakeholder interactions, leveraging data and analytics techniques. This includes:

  • Looking at new ways to segment and differentiate HCPs
  • Measuring HCP interactions and commercial effectiveness
  • Predict HCP and stakeholder behaviors to enable appropriate campaigns
  • Identifying and messaging through the most effective channels
  • Analyzing competitive threats and competitor actions
  • Measure and analyze contract performance and gross-to-net analysis
  • Assisting with market analytics, sales forecasting and health economics

Trexin will leverage its strong capabilities in data and analytics, technology strategy and solution delivery to help Life Sciences companies address these opportunities.

In addition, Trexin can assist with mobile development, M&A and post-merger integration, systems and processes to support innovation, business development and in-licensing.

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