Case Study 8.15.2017

Promoting a Medicaid Managed Care Company

Trexin helped a managed care company showcase its capabilities to win a valuable State Medicaid contract.

Business Driver

Our Client, a State affiliate of a national Medicaid managed care company, was responding to a competitive RFP to demonstrate their strong capability to deliver innovative, Statewide Medicaid coverage that would integrate behavioral and physical health for members, effectively leverage health IT to coordinate and manage care effectively, and accelerate the growth of value-based care with providers. To improve their proposal, the SVP of Finance asked Trexin to work cooperatively with internal subject matter experts to review and improve the RFP response. Specifically, Trexin was asked to focus on the responses related to behavioral and physical health integration, integrated health homes, health IT, care for high needs children and members with long term services and supports benefits.


Trexin engaged a small team with an optimal blend of subject matter expertise, collaborative experience, and analytical skills to join the project mid-stream and immediately add value. With only half the response period remaining, Trexin moved quickly to engage the team and immerse itself in the RFP requirements and response draft. Our interactive approach was high-touch, flexible, and adjusted daily, driven entirely by our Client’s needs and the gaps revealed during the previous day’s analysis.

Leveraging its deep expertise in the Medicaid market of this State, as well as Medicaid policy, Medicaid managed care operations, and provider interaction, Trexin reshaped the response to be evaluated favorably by State reviewers. This was achieved by taking an objective, third-party perspective to reviewing the content that had already been developed and evaluating it from a State reviewer’s point of view to identify areas that needed to be clarified, corrected, or enhanced. Trexin then created a matrix of unresolved questions and problems across multiple areas of the draft response and worked with the corporate resources and plan-level staff to resolve them. After the final drafts were completed, Trexin developed a framework document that identified key commitments of resources that our Client made to the State to implement the new Medicaid product and highlighted those that would likely be most challenging for our Client to implement within the State’s deadlines.


Trexin received consistent feedback from our project sponsor and internal staff that our work was immediately adding value to the project, improving the RFP response, and building staff confidence in the process. Our Client submitted a strong, competitive, and innovative RFP response in compliance with the deadline and format requirements and expressed a high level of satisfaction with the content that Trexin developed and reviewed. Our Client also expressed appreciation for Trexin’s proactive approach to identify the most challenging implementation areas to focus resources as they implement the new Statewide Medicaid product as a result of winning the contract.

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