Event Summary 6.15.2017

SecureWorld Chicago

Chicago, IL

SecureWorld conferences are known to provide more content and facilitate more professional connections than any other event in the cybersecurity industry. As such, Trexin was excited to be involved in SecureWorld’s first annual Chicago event on June 7, 2017. Held at the Donald E. Stephens Convention & Conference Center, SecureWorld Chicago offered two days of cybersecurity education across 30 different educational elements, two keynote speakers, a showcase of security solutions and industry expert panels.

The Trexin team enjoyed several insightful sessions and roundtables. Two highlights include the opening keynote, led by Dr. Larry Ponemon, ‘The Cost and Consequences of Complexity in IT Security’ as well as the featured afternoon panel, ‘Hazards on the Horizon’ which was led by Trexin’s Chief Security Officer, Glenn Kapetansky.  Dr. Ponemon’s keynote shared a multitude of data outlining various insider threats, how distinct roles/levels in an organization perceive and support the state of security, and foundational concepts for securing business-critical information today. Alternatively, ‘Hazards on the Horizon’ was guided by hot topics which impact everyone, and several expert panelists weighed in on each segment. The topics spanned the gamut of key concerns:  ransomware response, enabling (vs. shaming) end users, successful inclusion of shadow IT and getting out of the business of saying ‘no’.

Additionally, Trexin participated in a private interactive CSO roundtable led by Dr. Ponemon discussing the rapid growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and its exponential increase to the surface area of risk/attack vectors. In the workshop, we shared ideas and solutions for vulnerabilities such as taking over a vehicle, hacking implanted medical devices and the myriad smart devices we voluntarily install in homes and offices to make our technology assets more controllable – lighting, temperate control, cameras and listening devices, just to name a few.

A key takeaway from the day’s events was that security threats will continue to evolve, in surprising ways, well into the future.

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