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In situations of distress, strategy execution is of paramount importance, sometimes even existential to the wellbeing of a company. But it’s under those exact conditions when executing a stabilization or recovery plan is the most difficult, so identifying a consulting partner who can move quickly, cross-functionally, and effectively in a chaotic environment without being rattled or insensitive is critical. Trexin’s experience in these types of settings is somewhat unique, and in cases of recovery experience matters.


Example execution & recovery scenarios and applied strategies:


Project in Distress

Trexin can help you identify root-cause factors and quickly lead a project recovery initiative.

Executive Departure

Trexin can help you provide interim C-level leadership and maintain full operational capability.

Loss of Business / Disruptive Innovations

Trexin can help you enhance marketing technology and drive new product development.

Accelerating a Large Cybersecurity Program

A large financial services company experienced a string of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) activity, prompting the creation of a Cybersecurity Program.

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