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In addition to the business strategy underlying any merger & acquisition (M&A) transaction, there is also a sub strategy for how the actual organizational transition should be conducted. Executing that M&A transaction strategy is far from straightforward, which by definition involves more than one company and usually progresses under tight schedules and constraints to capture specific business synergies. Trexin has developed various tools and accelerators that facilitate this process and mitigate the delivery risk inherent to these high-impact transactions.


Example mergers & acquisitions scenarios and applied strategies:


Strategic Acquisitions

Trexin can help you integrate the new company post-acquisition to quickly drive target synergies.


Trexin can help you evaluate overlapping functions and sunset less efficient capabilities.


Trexin can help you develop shared-service capabilities to quickly carve out the divested business.

Improving Acquisition Readiness For a Consumer Packaged Goods Company

Trexin was asked to help assess and prepare a strategy and roadmap for a resilient set of acquisition-ready, technology-enabled business capabilities for a mid-sized packaged goods company.

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