Information Technology is only useful to the extent it optimizes efficiency or adds capabilities previously unattainable. Yet IT is on a long growth path towards achieving maturity as an engineering discipline, with consistent, optimized processes. IT is a toddler, barely 50 years old (if we consider the 1965 release of the IBM System/360 as the dawn of corporate computing). Modern Manufacturing is over 200 years old, and aims for Six Sigma error rates. Civil Engineering is at least 2000 years old – the Romans knew how to consistently and efficiently grade roads.

Trexin’s Systems Integration practice consists of veteran senior architects, each with over 17 years of experience and totaling to approximately 300 years. That put’s Trexin Systems Integration practice maturity somewhere between Manufacturing six sigma and the Romans for Civil Engineering, and our skills span several generations of IT evolution since the dawn of corporate computing.

Throughout the IT galaxy of potential solutions, there will be points that specifically resonate with your business needs. Let Trexin help you navigate those. With our Trust, Experience and Innovation we can guarantee a critical path approach and implementation.

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Practice Areas

1) Technical Architecture

Whether it is for a given project or the enterprise, Trexin believes that starting off with a robust and proven Technical Architecture is the key to planning that new software integrates well with existing and future corporate hardware, networking infrastructure and software tools. Trexin also believes that good technical architecture should consider principles that allow for everything from legacy to device-based systems (i.e., the Internet of Things).

2) Application Design and Development

Trexin’s collective 300+ years of designing and developing applications has taught us that improvisation is the key to meeting customer needs. However, in order to achieve the ability to improvise, you must first have a sound understanding of gathering, analyzing and prioritizing customers business requirements. Trexin employs a myriad of frameworks, tools and practices that allow for traceability of requirements, design and development. The use of Continuous Integration and Deployment techniques along with team based organic design documentation (e.g. wikis) helps customer meet their design and development needs using less highly skilled resources.

3) Service/API Management

Governance of APIs within an organization, are critical to understanding usage, scale and problem resolution. Whether the organization requires a lightweight or heavy approach, Service API/Management can be daunting and expensive to implement. Trexin ensures that whether the ask is for on premise (e.g. MuleSoft, ApiAxle, IBM API Management suite) or cloud based (e.g. Intel Mashery, Apigee) leveraging the right tool and approach for your organization is our top priority.

4) Cloud Integration

Clearly there are cost benefits to running a lean development practice. As such there are also similar huge benefits to leveraging cloud infrastructure and integration. Trexin’s experience has demonstrated that cloud integration coupled with the correct mix of on premise tools, processes and infrastructure can provided the following benefits:

– Reduction in Operational and Capital Expenditure (opex and capex); this is normally realized by leveraging the cloud platform provider’s subscription pricing model

– Cloud Integration platforms for the most part already provide PaaS and extended API infrastructure that would normally be built in-house, thus reducing the time-to-develop, maintain and deploy client applications

– Cloud Integration platforms also provide ready-to-use management and monitoring features, thus providing out-of-the-box, ready-to-go governance tools for deployed client applications

5) Agile Software Development

Trexin believes in Agile Software Development principles and practices. However, as with all methods, each project has to be gauged for many factors that ensure the success of using it. With the correct mix of people, processes and technology, Agile Software Development can reap enormous rewards. Whatever you are open to use, Trexin fundamentally believes in delivering discrete pieces of business functional software in discrete amounts of time.

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