Case Study 3.21.2017

Using a Missed Deadline as a Catalyst for Change

Trexin helped a specialty Healthcare company strengthen its IT capabilities and increase employee satisfaction.

Business Driver

A small but rapidly growing specialty Healthcare company experienced a customer-facing technical issue that caused them to miss a critical product release deadline. To avoid similar setbacks in the future, our Client wanted to better understand the root cause of the problem and make adjustments, so the CEO enlisted Trexin to:

  • Assess the infrastructure and broader IT organization
  • Evaluate the skill set of the current staff
  • Recommend changes for improvement


Trexin’s immediate first step was to conduct an independent assessment of our Client’s IT infrastructure to ascertain the root cause of the technical issue. Working closely with business leaders, subject matter experts, IT, and cybersecurity personnel, we evaluated the organization’s infrastructure strengths and considered what capabilities needed more development to support the alignment, complexity, and growth of the business.

Once we had established this fundamental understanding of the infrastructure, the Trexin team took a three-phase approach to a broader assessment. The first phase was a current-state assessment. This included conducting a 76-question survey across the IT organization, interviewing stakeholders, attending live agile Scrum sessions, gathering existing documentation, and benchmarking IT processes against industry best practices, including the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMi), The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF), CEB, and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) framework.

The second phase was the creation of a future-state vision. After conducting a Client workshop, we used the information gathered to develop vision statements and recommendations to remediate the gaps uncovered in the first phase. The third phase focused on developing a technology roadmap outlining costs and timelines for implementing the recommendations specified in the second phase.


Because of Trexin’s experience and knowledge conducting independent assessments, the IT infrastructure assessment demonstrated that our Client could not accommodate future growth with their current processes. There was a mutual understanding that current processes needed change and that new processes needed to be established to remediate recurring issues that they were seeing within their organization.

After reaching that consensus, the broader IT assessment was followed by the creation of a future-state vision, a set of business cases with cost-benefit analysis, and an investment roadmap with project descriptions that collectively formed a portfolio of projects related to achieving their business objectives.  The current-state assessment also included the results of an employee survey that compiled the options of the staff related to IT, internal processes, and direction of the company. After implementing the steps outlined in the roadmap, our Client was able to strengthen their IT capabilities and increase employee satisfaction, putting the company in a better position for continued growth.

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