Thank you for trusting us! You came here with a problem – our experienced team likely has been in your shoes and can help. Click the area below that best matches your highest priority to connect with our team of experts:

  • BREACHES: It happens. You need some additional help in dealing with the breach or while your team works on the breach you may be concerned where else weaknesses have developed.
  • RANSOMWARE: You have either experienced it or you will, and want to be prepared.
  • DISASTER & RECOVERY BUSINESS CONTINUITY: An event has occurred and you want help returning to your normal state.
  • PROJECT IN TROUBLE: Projects and programs represent risk to your organization as they are released into an operating production environment. Troubled projects represent increased risk, and the Information Security organization needs to adjust appropriately. Our team is experienced in guiding programs back on track and into production, mitigating the risk to your organization.
  • AUDIT FINDINGS: You have an audit coming for which you urgently need to prepare, deal with a critical Finding, or need a process to prioritize and work through a number of Findings.
  • PERSONNEL ISSUESWhether expected or unexpected, someone very knowledgeable in your Enterprise is leaving. We can help with transition planning (before) and risk assessment (after).
  • INTERIM LEADERSHIP: You need a steady and experienced hand at the wheel who can also help find and onboard your permanent hire. Or, you need transitional leadership during a time of broader organizational change, experienced in managing change as well as the Target Organizational Model.
  • MERGERS OR ACQUISITIONS: Cultures as well as systems need to be integrated while maintaining cybersecurity integrity. We can help with assessments, prioritization, and realization.
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